S&T Career

As a multinational, multicultural provider of complete IT strategies, business processes, and systems S&T connects east and west on a highly-skilled, high-tech level. But despite all the technology, it is still humans who play the leading part. We are well aware that all business success is based on our employees and each individual’s contribution.

Our key characteristics as an employer

Our key approach is to engage local people in our local market, people who know the environment. We also focus on expertise in specific industries in the consulting area, which offers people with the necessary mobility and willingness to travel the chance to participate in challenging international projects. This means that you can follow a specialist or management career in your own country without having to relocate at regular intervals. We also provide the opportunity to work in other countries within your function or move to other locations.

Why is it good to work with S&T?

- Professional growth

- Attractive compensation packages

- Employee welfare

- 25 years of market stability