Integrated management, process and change technologies

S&T HR is developing a new generation of innovative solutions that enable flawless integration of the business processes and the components involved in the processes together with the management rules. It acts as a central database of multiple data workflows, alarms, and analysis reports and provides dynamic documentation and payroll integration in order to improve streamline processing time.

Inspiring business performance

By implementing S&T HR you improve the performance of the HR function that requires a multidimensional approach which includes working on tools, management processes, flows, and organization of the HR function and its contributors.

Respond to challenges

HR departments are facing new challenges in supporting business transformation in today’s world. The support of new forms of intercultural management plays a significant role in the HR departments.

HR departments are playing a strategic role in providing employee engagement and social cohesions. S&T HR anticipates solutions to the challenges and drives transformation, helping the HR departments to respond to issues around workflow procedures, performance management, and commitment to employees. 

 What does S&T HR solution include?

  1. Keeping all of your employees’ data safe in one secure place
  2. Acting in accordance with employment legislations
  3. Keeping track of absence and managing different country holidays
  4. Monitoring people qualifications, development, and appraisals
  5. Fast implementation
  6. Complete solution