Software solutions

Different business environments require a specific approach to software support. A key and inevitable determinant of organizational effectiveness is undoubtedly the software environment. What you need to implement such projects fast and successfully is a high expertise partner who has the technical knowledge necessary for software development, strong implementation support, and agile solutions.

We at S&T Macedonia cover the fields of:

  • Software Research & Development
  • SNT HR Compliance System
  • SNT Tempo – Time & Attendance Software
  • Business Intelligence

Software Research & Development

Among other product solutions and products we offer, we are also active in the field of software development which provides customers with effective and active support with useful solutions. S&T's competence in software research and development includes services such as:

  • Business Service Management
  • System Management
  • ERP
  • Document Management
  • Application Integration
  • Archiving

SNT HR Compliance System

What SNT HR Compliance System has to offer is a wide range of innovative solutions in the field of HR. By implementing S&T HR solutions you will improve the HR function and all the components involved: working on tools, management processes, flows, and organization of the HR function and its contributors.

SNT Tempo – Time & Attendance Software

If you struggle with effectively managing your company’s time attendance data, then SNT TEMPO is the right solution for your business. It features a powerful interface that empowers you with informed real-time decision-making capabilities so you can easily convert data into actionable, valuable information.

Business Intelligence

With Business Intelligence, an organization can begin to truly understand what it knows. Organizations that want to increase competitiveness, optimize business processes, simplify information access, retrieval, and analysis, and, above all, deliver on the idea of transforming raw information into meaningful intelligence, can do so much more rapidly with a business intelligence solution in place.